The Crown Stays Home at CHS

Last Updated: Tuesday, 26 February 2019 Published: Tuesday, 26 February 2019 Written by Sherri Jeffrey, Photography Jordan Jerome

On a grand stage in Carnival City on the evening of 24 February 2019, fifteen year old 4th form student Kyanna Dyer copped the title of Miss Teen Dominica 2019!

Kyanna herself would tell of the many long hours of practice that were necessary to accomplish her goal. Endless sessions that stretched into the late afternoons and early evenings were her new normal for many weeks as she prepared to compete against four other competitors. Kyanna endured and blossomed, reaping the fruits of her labour by winning the coveted title. Along with winning the crown, she secured the top position in a total of five out of seven possible categories, namely: Best Speech, Best Performing Talent, Best Spectacular Creation, Best in Spectacular Creation, and Best in Evening Wear. She also won the honour of being named Miss Photogenic.

After emerging from the embrace of a swell of well wishers that engulfed the stage, Kyanna thanked God, Team CHS, her family, especially her mother and sister, Team Kyanna, her principal and teachers, the CHS, the AfriKulture Stilt Walkers, and her sponsors the CHS Foundation, J. Astaphan and Co. Ltd., and Signal Band for aiding her on her journey and ensuring that she was victorious.

Team CHS and Team Kyanna express their gratitude for all the help in every and any form that was given to the effervescent Kyanna Dyer. Over the years many a contestant have represented the CHS and made the school proud in one way or another. This year in particular we thank God and everyone else for the support that Kyanna received.

This occasion marks the first time that the CHS has won the Miss Teen Dominica title three times consecutively, a feat that is to be celebrated. Truly, all must be thanked for helping the crown to stay at home in the halls of CHS!


A special thank you to Jordan Jerome Photography for use of his photographs

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