Communications Club Celebrates A Good Year

Last Updated: Sunday, 09 July 2017 Published: Sunday, 09 July 2017 Written by Sherri Jeffrey

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Communications Club Celebrates A Good Year

The members of the Communications Club journeyed to Picard, Portsmouth on Sunday, 02nd July, 2017 to hold their 10th annual end of year banquet under the theme “Overcoming Every Obstacle to Celebrate Every Success”.This year the club event was hosted again by the Mango Café Bar & Restaurant whose proprietor, Dr. Shiv Dhiman, continued to extend great generosity to the club by providing a delectable dinner in impressive buffet style.

After a welcome by member Wanita Drigo which pointed out that the continued existence of the club proved that it had already overcome many hurdles, the club President Ishita Dhiman gave an account of the year’s activities. She touched on the various events and competitions that the Club participated in beyond their usual contribution to school life.

This year’s featured speaker, Mr. Kirk Shillingford, pointed out to the members that communication is a privilege and a power that they should use for good and not for ill. He encouraged the members to be good communicators by overcoming the hurdles of knowledge, aptitude, and most importantly, attitude - if you do not know how to do something, find out how you can do it, then with that knowledge, find an opportunity to do it, and finally, find the inner belief and courage to follow through with what you want to do.

This year’s awardees were:

  • Elleen Commodore (Immediate Past President) for dedicated service to the club
  • D’Jana Wyllis (Immediate Past PRO/Secretary) for dedicated service to the club
  • Armstong Celaire for long service to the club in the form of safe transportation

The vote of thanks by member Grace Etienne reflected well the thoughts of all those present - the club has had a good year and for that and everything else, it should be thankful, especially to God.

The Communications Club thanks the school, teachers, parents, and all the other people who helped make this year a success and looks forward to partnering with them again in the coming school year.

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