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Last Updated: Sunday, 09 July 2017 Published: Thursday, 29 June 2017 Written by Daria Sorhaindo. Photo Chad Ambo

On Wednesday June 28, 96 students from a total of 106 graduated from the Convent High school under the theme “Turning our Negatives into Positives and our Promises into Plans”. It was indeed an august event but bitter -sweet as CHS bid farewell to the Class of 2017 as well as its Principal, Mrs. Josephine Dublin while lauding its many accolades and heralding a new era of possibilities and plans. This touching ceremony was held at the Goodwill Parish Hall at 4:00 pm and was streamed live by ComeSeeTV.

The graduation was attended by Bishop Gabriel Malzaire, Bishop of Roseau and Head of the Convent High School,  His Excellency, Mr. Charles Savarin, President of the Commonwealth of Dominica and his wife, Mrs. Savarin, Monsignor William John Lewis, our Chaplain, esteemed Feature Address Speaker and former Student, Dr. Schuyler Esprit, Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Mrs. Chandler Hyacinth, Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Lennox Linton and Mrs. Linton and many other distinguished guests.

This auspicious ceremony, opened  with a prayer  by our Chaplain, entreating the graduates to allow God to live in them while singing “He Lives in You” from the Lion King, a favourite with the students; our Head Girl, Elleen Commodore, welcomed our guests and reminded all  that God is the Greatest of all planners and strategists “and it is up to us to realise, accept, and effectuate these plans; because although man may try to make the possible impossible for us, with God on our sides all things will be possible.”; our retiring Principal gave her report and very movingly thanked all who helped her become the esteemed person she grew into; the beautiful performances of the Speech Chorale and the Sign Language performed by our graduating class inspired many and heartwarming farewells were given to our retiring principal, Mrs. Dublin by our Bishop, the Ministry of Education and the graduating students.

 Highlights of this evening’s ceremony included the many speeches elicited.

The  Valedictorian, D’Jana Wyllis, a committed St Bakhita member and diligent student, encouraged her fellow graduates to  emulate the seven female saints forming our seven Houses and  thanked the CHS  for not only building upon and fortifying their education foundation but  teaching them how to coexist while meshing the academic with the spiritual tasks. She spurred them on to  “put our effort into a well thought out plan to achieve what we intend to and even more, plus conquer every challenge in our way is the reality we should look for. Like the Sisserou Parrot, we should dream big, aim high, and soar across the skies.” D’Jana ended by entreating the graduates to reflect on the wise words of the renowned world leader, Winston Churchill, “If you’re going through “difficult times”, keep going. Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

In her very inspirational Feature address, Dr. Schuyler Esprit  motivated the graduates to make “Black Girl Magic” and to always remember the power of “Family” in their lives, the rewards of ‘Losing’ and the resilience  and strength of “Love”- love of others, love of the environment and love of  yourself. She advised them that in being conscious of the self, they can learn from their mistakes; that they should not compare themselves to others and they should be able to change their road maps when necessary. Dr. Esprit urged the students to emulate the school’s motto “Labor omnia Vincit” but ultimately, she added that above all ”Amor omnia Vincit!”

Representing the Minister of Education, Mrs. Chandler Hyacinth, praised Mrs. Dublin for her excellence in leadership as Principal of the Convent High School for being “Nurturing, Progressive and Efficient” and that  Excellence plus Inspiration equals the Convent High School. She reminded the graduates to “stay relevant” be resilient and be confident and to look forward to the future with optimism.

Finally, Bishop Malzaire entreated the graduates to always place God in their lives and in their plans and that “Character does count”.  In keeping with the theme of the graduation, Bishop Malzaire made reference to Pope Paul VI’s encyclical POPULORUM PROGRESSIO on the development of Peoples (March 26 , 1967) where the Pope impressed on humankind that to be “Endowed with intellect and free will, each man is responsible for his self-fulfillment even as he is for his salvation. He is helped, and sometimes hindered, by his teachers and those around him; yet whatever be the outside influences exerted on him, he is the chief architect of his own success or failure. Utilizing only his talent and willpower, each man can grow in humanity, enhance his personal worth, and perfect himself.”

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Graduation Booklet for 2017. Prepared for booklet printing on legal (8.5" x 14) size paper.

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Validictory Address 2017 - D'Jana Wyllis


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