Western Zone Mathematics Project Competition

Last Updated: Monday, 03 July 2017 Published: Monday, 15 May 2017 Written by Diane Bannis

The Ministry of Education hosted a Mathematics Project Competition for Mathematics Week 2017. Two projects had to be submitted, one from the lower school and one from the upper school. During the week an in-house competition was held and one project was selected from each section.

Convent High School was represented in the lower section by students of Form 1-3: Kwanita Lander, Megan Vidal, Zervita Charles, Femi Vital, Shantae Hazel, Kimara Panthier, Naome Samuel-Williams, Tirzah Etienne, Daylana Dowe and Anita Drigo. Together with their teacher, Ms. Petrina Joseph, the students presented the project ‘‘Make a Solution’’ (commonly known as MAS). It was a ring game constructed to develop mathematical skills in students and strengthen their ability to calculate discount, VAT or profit and loss at an exceptional speed. They were judged second place in their category.

The upper school was represented by students of Form 4B: Grace Etienne, Ishita Dhiman, and Melissa Williams who placed second in their category.  Their project demonstrated how trigonometry can be used in our everyday life.  The students constructed a clinometer- a simple yet useful instrument that can be used to measure angles of elevation.   They used this simple technology together with basic trigonometry to carry out experiments at their school to test the accuracy of the clinometer to determine the heights of objects.  The use of the clinometer in Engineering and Medicine was also highlighted .   

Congratulations to the winning teams and thanks to all the students who participated in Mathematics week 2017.


Kwanita Lander
Naome Samuel-Williams
Femi Vital

Kimora Panthier
Lirzah Efienne
Megan Vidal
Zevita Charles
Daylana Dowe
Anita Drigo
Hanna Fontaine
Awnel Esprit
Shantae Julien
Mia Bellot
Kya Astaphan


Tabitha Durand
Kelsey Le Blanc
Tabitha Durand


Adalia Esprit
Rohyanna Martin
Maria Malcolm
Shantal George


Ishita Dhiman
Grace Etienne
Melissa Williams


Sarita Maximea
Jenae Bell

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