Communications Club Banquet 2016

Last Updated: Wednesday, 06 July 2016 Published: Monday, 04 July 2016 Written by Sherri Jeffrey

Communications ClubThe C H S Communications Club held its annual banquet on Thursday, 30 June, 2016 where a successful year of hard work and modest accomplishments were celebrated.

This year’s banquet was held in Picard, Portsmouth at the Mango Cafe Restaurant & Bar owned by Dr. Shiv Dhiman. The Club is eternally grateful for the generosity of its host and appreciated the opportunity to sample the sumptuous cuisine of the Mango Cafe Restaurant & Bar.

The club's president, Elleen Commodore, summed up the year’s activities during her address. She made note of the impact of Tropical Storm Erika on the club’s usual participation in debate and public speaking competitions - many of these competitions were either postponed or cancelled in the wake of the storm’s passing.

Following this, the graduating members of the club were given certificates and gifts in appreciation for their many years of dedicated service to the club. The graduating members are:

  • Marie-Ange Emanuel (Immediate Past President)
  • Selena Cuffy (Immediate Past Vice President)
  • Kareen George (Immediate Past Mistress of Purse)
  • Zena Anthony (Immediate Past PRO/Secretary)
  • Catrina Smith
  • Mekisha Harrigan
  • Savahnn James

Certificates of appreciation were also awarded to members of staff who helped the club throughout the academic year, namely, Ms. Audris Jno Baptiste and Mrs. Julia Johnson. A special mention was made of Ms. Odessa Elie who has served as a club advisor throughout her tenure at CHS.

President’s Report

2015-2016 President CHS Communications Club - Elleen Commodore

For the academic year 2015-2016 the Convent High School Communications Club has partaken in many activities; scholarly and otherwise.  

Although they had to retire from their responsibilities as senior members of the club, during this year the fifth formers assisted in hosting meetings on the topic of Debate Preparation, Impromptu Speech, Political Correctness and Competition Etiquette. The senior students also participated in Regional and International competitions such as The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay and The ECCB Essay Competition 2015.  Special thanks must be given to Catrina Smith and Marie Ange Emmanuel for their hard work in these endeavours.

Further, the other members of the club partook in other competitions such as The Tourism Youth Congress 2016, The ECCB Essay Competition and the FCCA Essay Competition.  In steadfast preparation for these competitions, club members engaged in sessions which focused on conducting interviews, speech delivery and creating an online presence through blogging.  The Communications Club also aided the speech training of the 2016 Miss Teen contestant from the CHS providing feedback during her closed practice sessions and by creating a realistic crowd presence.  

The club also facilitated successful fundraising bake sales throughout the year.

All in all, the academic year 2015-2016 was a fruitful and favourable year for the Convent High School Communications Club despite a slow start up because of weather conditions we had no control over. I am sure that with continued determination and dedication to our club, and no more interruptions like Tropical Storm Erika, we will have many more years that surpass the success of this one in the future.

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