History Week 2015

Last Updated: Tuesday, 20 October 2015 Published: Tuesday, 20 October 2015 Written by Deborah Harris

Every year, the Cultural Division designates one week in October as History Week in Dominica. In keeping with this, October 12- 16 was celebrated as History Week at the Convent High School. The Theme for this year was “The Road To Independence 1950 to 1978”.

On Monday 12th October, the General Assembly was conducted by the History Department. The Assembly was led by the HOD, Mrs. D. Harris, with the assistance of Ms. S. Alexander, Ms. D. Charles and some 5th Form students. During the Assembly, Mrs. Harris gave a synopsis of the main constitutional stages between 1950 and 1978, which moved Dominica toward political independence on 3rd November, 1978 and highlighted the role played by important local trade unionists and politicians like Mr. E.C. Loblack, Mrs. Phyllis Shand Allfrey, Mr. Franklyn Baron and Mr. E.O. Leblanc. The Head Girl, Marie-Ange Emmanuel, did the Bible Reading and Selena Cuffy read a Reflection on the Reading. Bidding prayers were offered up by Nyka Walters, Jyana Seaman, Dabria Toussaint and LeShaun Peters. The highlight of the Assembly was a very informative and spirited address by Senior Cultural Officer, Mr. Gregory Rabess, which was well received by Staff and students. Later on, posters reflecting the Theme, which were made by the students, were put up inside and outside of the Library in an effort to help educate everyone on this topic.

On Tuesday morning, the 4th and 5th Form students gathered in the Auditorium for a lecture by Mr. Cozier Frederick, local writer, educator and Development Officer in the Ministry of Kalinago Affairs. Mr. Frederick addressed the students on the week’s theme during the Home Room period. Mr. Frederick gave a very interesting and comprehensive History lecture, charting Dominica’s path to independence within the context of the wider regional movement. The History Department would like to thank Mr. Frederick for helping to educate us on this important aspect of our local History. Later on, at 11 o’clock, the students of 4C, along with Ms. P. Emmanuel and Mrs. D. Harris, represented the school at the launching of the website www.DominicaHistory.org at the Dominica State College. Once it is fully developed, this website should be a very valuable research tool for teachers and students alike.

The History Department continued to lead the Assemblies for the rest of the week. Wednesday morning’s Assembly was conducted by Ms. Alexander and some of her 4th Form students. On Thursday morning, Ms. A. Jno.Baptiste and the members of 3-4 led the Assembly. Members of the Sign Language Club from that class did a very prayerful rendition of “We Shall Rise Again”. On Friday, Ms. Charles and her very enthusiastic 1st formers led the morning’s Assembly. With two of them beautifully dressed in National Wear, they gave a visually pleasing and educational description of Dominica’s National Symbols. The School’s Choir, led by Ms. Lander, gave a melodious rendition of “Nou Satisfe”, which was well received by Staff and students alike. This was a very fitting end to the week’s activities, which were aimed at educating the Staff and students on Dominica’s road to independence 1950 to 1978.

The History Department would like to thank all who assisted in making the observance of History Week 2015 a success. Thank you to Mrs. Dublin, Ms. Prentice, Mr. McAulay and Sr. Alces for their support and encouragement. Thank you to our guest speakers, Mr. Rabess and Mr. Frederick for helping to educate us on the Theme. Thank you to Ms. Lander for so willingly decorating upstairs for us. This certainly helped to set the tone for the week. Also, thank you to the Choir for your wonderful performance at Friday’s Assembly; and to Ms. A. Lawrence and Mr. B. Samuel for accompanying the choir. Thank you to Ms. Cuffy for preparing the gifts for our guest speakers. Thank you to Mr. J. Peter and Mr. K. Angol for your technical assistance. And last, but by no means least, thank you to all the students who did research and created posters on the Theme, and who helped with the Assemblies. We wish all a very enjoyable Kweyol and Independence celebration.

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