CHS at French Day 2015 at the Arawak

Last Updated: Sunday, 29 March 2015 Published: Sunday, 29 March 2015 Written by Don-Marie Toussaint

The 20th of March, 2015 was recognized as French Day all over the world, where French countries or those associated would celebrate being a part of the Francophonie. In light of this, an event was held at the Arawak House of Culture consisting of a pageant and presentations by many of the High Schools. The pageant included the creation of an outfit with a theme depicting the flag of France. It also required the participants to give a brief speech (in French of course), about themselves and to model the outfit that they chose to display. They were judged for content & fluency of speech and creativity & theme of outfit. Out of the schools that participated, top places went to the Portsmouth Secondary School (PSS) in 3rd place, Wesley High School (WHS) in 2nd place and North East Comprehensive School (NECS) emerging 1st place.

In the school’s presentations, Convent High School was represented by nine Form 4 French Students who presented a dramatic interpretation and tribute to the victims of the shooting that occurred on 7th January 2015, in Paris at Charlie Hebdo. We also incorporated the song ‘Papa ou tu-es?’ [meaning ‘Daddy, where are you?’] because only men were shot in that incident and many of the victims were fathers. The skit showed that one of the workers, dropped his daughter off to school and hurried to work where he was then cruelly assassinated. After school, his daughter was left all alone to ask herself ‘Daddy, where are you?'  We prepared  this skit to show how the family members of the victims were also cruelly affected by that horrible attack.

The CHS skit can be viewed on YouTube here:
In conclusion, French Day at Arawak was both fun and creative. The pageant was great; from the participants to the outfits. And if I must say, I believe that all the schools present at the event were all well represented.

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