Responses to Dreaming Black Boy- James Berry

Published: Wednesday, 05 February 2020 Written by Form 4 Literature 2021

Form 4 Literature Class of 2021, respond to the poem "Dreaming Black Boy" by James Berry.

Dreaming Black Woman - Kadina Lawrence

That is what I was labelled to be.
A term that has been abused wrongfully,
A term that could never account to royalty.
To become a doctor, my dreams were ridiculed.
To become a teacher,
one who educated the minds of students.
Of course, everyone would think I was a fool.

But sometimes I dreamt about times my voice would be heard,
That I wouldn't have to scream from immense pain,
Or let someone know that it was enough when I staggered.

With no education on my belt and a child on the way-
No income and no place to call home to stay-
My mother and my father both leading me astray-
Was there any hope to all of this anyway?

But just like my mother and hers before.
We black girls are ripped from our childhood,
So from there, we start small.


A Dream by: Isanna - Marie John

So I'll dream a dream and make it good
I'll clasp my hand and kneel down just like I should.
For I now know with all odds against me,
I will survive.
Just like all my female ancestors,
We were born to thrive.

I wish I was born far from the place my ancestors worked the deep rich land unfree.
Wish the cruel transparent people would treat us like humans.
Wish I didn’t keep quiet and spoke like Mr.King
My people fought so I wouldn’t share the same fate as them

I wish I wasn’t deprived of a proper education
I wish my teacher would no longer ignore me
Wish I would have confidence in myself
Wish to make good money and not mend my master’s dresses

I wish my mother had the right to speak up When the transparent man gave her my brother
I wish I could walk down the street with no fear in my heart
Wish the white boys would show me respect

I wish people would look past my color
Wish I wasn’t looked upon like the help
I wish I was as strong as my ancestors

Wish I had a voice in this world

I wish I wasn’t seen as inferior as I am
I wish that I was headstrong
I dream to be free
Free from the torment of this world

Free from the invisible chains holding me back from my true potential

I know one day I will rise
I know that I won't be looked down at
I know I will be great
I know I will be more than the silly white men think I will be



Am I not human? You are just like me, as I am you.
So why am I treated differently?
Why aren’t our efforts praised too?
All I ask is for the chance to work towards all that I can be.

We are hunted and killed because of our skin.
The road to prosperity is walled and gated.
But still, We will lift up our chin.
Never, will we not be hated.

All shades of black, is our skin. Yet, white are our hearts, pure and bright.
Our souls burn with fire and compassion.
Praying everyday for better days in sight.
But sadly, that’s not our decision.

It’s hard being a black woman in a white man’s world.
Inferior, weak, and in need of guidance they see.
We are stronger than they believe, We will never fold.
And one day, the white man will surely see, free we will be.

Our opinion and beliefs will be heard,
The line between who we are and who they believe us to be will no longer be blurred.
These black girls will not be pushed aside or turned
We stand tall, no longer alone at a crossroads

Till our bodies are laid to rest, we will aim for the black girl dream,
Always reach for nothing but the stars
We will support each other, just like a team,
And help heal each other’s scars.

The black girl is a queen.
Elegance and beauty is what she radiates
Her voices will be heard and she will be seen
And all doubts about her abilities, will soon eradicate.

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