Book review: The Sea Hawk

Published: Tuesday, 13 March 2012 Written by Wynante R. Charles

Title: The Sea Hawk
The story of a man, a boat and the sea

Author: Juliana T. Magloire

ISBN# 0-9746778-0-9

In 'The Sea Hawk', author, Juliana T. Magloire tells an inspiring recount of the life of her father who devotes himself to the sea, his family and the people of his town.

The story takes place in the lustrous green island of Dominica, in the community of Glandvillia, and, of course on the sea.  The story redefines trials, challenges and life in general and shows how these have a way of bringing the best out of us.

Each chapter starts with a brief reflection of some sort. In the story, readers only know the man as Bo. And it is Bo who has touched the lives of so many. In the end it is a tale of the richness of the human spirit. The unquenchable zeal for life and the unquestionable nature of a man born to roam the waves and finding peace in the world around him.

I would recommend this book indeed. However, this is for those who wish to take a journey away from the hustle and bustle of normal life, and those who wish to go deep into a world of simplicity. This book is very descriptive and thus imprints the images into the minds of the readers.

"Cultivate a sense of the spiritual and learn to listen to God as He speaks to you through your inner voice. In your preoccupation with the responsibilities of each day, your plans for tomorrow and your hopes and dreams for the future, learn to quiet your mind and listen to the spirit speaking deep within you. he is always there, but you must learn to listen. Savour the feeling of being attuned and try to hold on to it as long as you can."

-Reflection before the first chapter in 'The Sea Hawk'



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