Poems by Sternelle Sabroache

Published: Thursday, 16 February 2012 Written by Sternelle Sabroache

Love Nightmare

Someone save me from this world I’m in

Read in between the lines

I’m caught within

This is my worst nightmare

And you’re the main character.


I’m twirling; whirling

My soul’s burning

I can hear the roll of thunder

Save me!

Save me; get me out of this terrifying slumber.


You’re gone and my world is done

Is there a person, I can lie and cry on?

Someone,  anyone?

I’m impeded by bad weather

‘Cause you’re one great disaster!


Our memories together have been washed away like words written in sand

Was I such a fool to welcome you with open arms?

Arms which had been broken one too many times by your evil hands?

But what’s done cannot be undone

And I don’t plan to see myself go through another re-run.



I Am Who I Say I Am

Yes, I’m classy, sassy and so bold

I can leave you winded with words you’ve never been told.

Yes, I’m beautiful and proud

And I’m not afraid to speak my mind out loud.

I’ve got the style, smile and gracious curves

I’ve got a voice much sweeter than the birds.

Don’t call me an aristocrat.

Oh, no! Don’t call me that!

Don’t tell me that I’m conceited or self-indulgent.

I am who I am, and that’s heaven sent!!


On a mission

Life’s a wreck; a considerable mess

But I’m still making it through and I’m impressed.

I’ve gotta set myself free from the stress

So I guess it’s best to put my courage to the test,

To take the actions that I need to.

To my destiny I shall proceed.

My socks pulled high and my belt well tight

I’m off to set things right

To turn around and make a change;

Take my life and rearrange.



Get Moving!

What’s that you say?

You want to go out to play?

Well too bad ‘cause today is not your day.

You’ve got to mop the floor

Oil the hinges at every door.

You’ve got to sweep

There’ll be no time to sleep.

You’ve got to wash the clothes

No time to take care of your precious toes

You’ve got no time to waste

Or else the stick you’ll have to taste.

You’ve got to scrub the bathroom

Before I lay you in your tomb

You’ve got to bathe the cat and the dog

And don’ forget to put out the rug

Get going quickly and don’t be such a slug!


I didn’t care

He fell to the floor

Got up quickly and ran to the door

His soul bled in fear

But I did not care

Even as his mother beat him with the two-by-four, it was clear

I didn’t care!

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