Published: Thursday, 02 February 2012 Written by Bernelle Titre



What things really matter in this life?

Does it really pay to sweat, toil and strive?

What really is the point of it all?

When really, all great things must fall

Tell me, does work truly pay off?

Or were we made to believe just some elaborate bluff?


Does it really matter how I look?

Or how many pages there are in a book?

Who cares if I learn the alphabet?

I’ll scream if I have to take one more test!

What good is algebra in the “real world” anyway?

Is it going to change my tomorrow what I learn today?


I would like to wander the world

And inspire a little boy or even a girl

That he or she may know the truth

And make the best of their precious, dying youth

It matters not what you learn in school;

How well you count or spell

How good you look and smell

The universe is a vast, marvelous place,

So let’s not waste the space

Find your passion and pursue it with open mind and heart.

Never give up before you start.


Live life to the fullest

Laugh at yourself at every chance

Love yourself and others will follow

Be sure not to lose yourself wherever you may go

Create your own status quo!

Change yourself for the better.

Change yourself for no one but you.

Change the way you look at life.

Change your mind, all the time.



Change tomorrow by learning the things that matter. TODAY!

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