The Empowered Woman

Published: Thursday, 02 February 2012 Written by Kira Joseph

I am a woman with style and grace.

I walk the streets with confidence and a smile on my face.

Me? Yes me. I am the one with lots to offer,

priority set straight and goals in the coffer.

I speak my truth without doubt or hesitation

And live life through my own vision.

A man on my arm? NO SIR! Not me!

All I need is an education and a PhD.


Senses now heightened, I see everything so clearly.

*sing* I can see clearly now that the rain is gone

Beckoning me to live the dreams I hold so dearly.

But! Beside all the goals set for myself

I know how to have fun – party with friends

*sing* Beyonce – party

A drink every now and then.

I am, and always will be a woman empowered by ME!!!

*sing* Tasha P Woman time


“Woman time, sorry ! I not looking for no baby. Hey!”

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