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What is The United For Children Club?

The United For Children Club was an initiative started by a group of students with the common aim that is, bringing awareness to children who are abused whether it may be physically, emotionally, verbally or sexually in order to help end violence against children because, after all, it shouldn’t hurt to be a child.


What does the United For Children Club do?

We try our best to bring to light the problems that unfortunately a large number of children deal with worldwide whether it may be by taking small actions such as having rallies around Roseau to help empower children and let them know that they are not alone and there is a safe haven out there for them or by visiting the different children organisations in Dominica like Chances and Youth Quake to name a few in order to help these children through hard times and maybe bring them out for a day to experience a new kind of fun. We also encourage reporting cases of child abuse or negligence through our anonymous hotline:1 800 744 3269 or contact Tina Alexander, Child advocate and Executive Director of Lifeline Ministries at (767) 235-8367


Why should you join the United For Children Club?

You should join the United For Children Club because it supports a worthy cause and it's a cool and fun initiative that could help save the lives of many children worldwide. Give children a voice...be that voice.



Membership is open to the entire CHS school body.

Meetings are every monday from 1:15-2:00, if you are interested in joining, registration is in the class of 5-B.


Contact Us


1 (800) 744 3269


Tina Alexander

Child advocate and Executive Director of Lifeline Ministries
(767) 235-8367


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