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Kayla Antoine
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Jade George


Brittney Austrie

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Oniscia Bruno

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Marie-Ange Emanuel
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Miss Leandra V. Lander

Club Colour

Purple- ‘Purple has been selected as the official club colour for two reasons:

  1. Not to be confused with the pre-existing house colours at CHS and
  2. To align with the Character Counts Pillar of Citizenship;  where members of our group recognise the importance of group and community work and strive to help others on their way to success.

The drama faces is incorporated in our logo as they best represent our use of emotions in our presentations.


The Convent High School Speech Chorale formally began as this particular entity in 2009 preceding the bi-annual national School Arts Festival. A group of twenty three (23) students came together under the direction of Miss Leandra Lander and in a matter of two weeks, were able to perfect the poem entitled, “You could never ketch me’. It is a piece adapted from ‘You could catch me’ by Dominican poet Cristabel LaRonde. The group won gold after a thrilling and entertaining performance.
The group has performed at many special events such as The School Arts Festival, Graduation, Literacy week as well as at the National Mathematics Quiz and the National Teacher’s Awards. In August 2011, the group was invited to perform at the annual Nature Island Literary Festival at the UWI Open Campus, The Road Safety conference and NCCU Family fun day in April 2011, the group was awarded a silver medal at the National School Arts Festival. The piece performed was “If I Ruled the World”.
Choral speaking is not necessarily a new art form.  Within the school system it was known as recitation. It refers to the speaking in unison, but with an added emphasis on colouring the piece with varying intonation, inflections and some dramatization.  
The group hopes to raise its standard as a school club as it adopts a mission as guided by objectives and a body of rules as outlined in its manual.  “Small Efforts building Great achievements.”, is the group’s motto. It encourages us as young people to put in the tiny sometimes insignificant, detailed work that amounts to exemplary goals in our daily lives. Just as Mother Theresa once said “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”
Fifty–two members were inducted in September 2011. To properly maintain the numbers however; sub-choirs or chambers will be employed to perform at specific events. The group collects small contributions and holds fundraisers to achieve a high level of self sufficiency.


Creative Hat Show 2015

Flyer for 2015 Show

Entry Rules

  1. Each school may submit three (3) individuals into the completition:
    1. Junior: Forms 1,2 and 3
    2. Senior: Forms 4 and 5, Tertiary Institutions and Staff
  2. Hat must be created within the following themes
    1. Junior: ‘Dessert’
    2. Senior: ‘Jungle Fever’
    3. Staff: ‘Crazy for Coconuts’
  3. Materials for making hat are open to designers and builders but must capture the appropriate theme.

Competition Rules and Guidelines

  1. Electronic forms must be completed and submitted before the deadlines.
  2. Hats must be designed using a broad hat.
  3. Competitors must use solid colour attire to model hat.
  4. Competitors should arrive by 3:00 p.m. for prior judging starting at 3:30 p.m. This will be followed by the actual modelling competition.
  5. Competitors may use music suitable for the display. Please walk with music you intend to use on a flash drive.
  6. HAVE FUN!!! This is a friendly competition for you to be able to show off the creativity and talent.

Judging Criteria

  1. Originality: 20 points
    Assessment of uniqueness of design and choice of materials and components to capture theme.
  2. Creativity: 30 points
    Assessment of organization and use of materials, components, colours in capturing theme
  3. Construction and Craftsmanship: 25 points
    Assessment of the hat; quality of creation, finish, neatness, use and blending of colours
  4. Display and Presentation: 15 points
    Modelling and carriage, portability

Registration Form

HATAttack 2015 Registration Form


Web Album of 2015 Induction Ceremony of Choir, Speech Chorale and Sign Language.

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