French Club


In order to promote and encourage the french language at the Convent High School, the French Department has put in place or a French club for all the students.

The club is a space to have fun as well as a space to explore ideas unable to be expressed in class, and to discuss a variety of topics. All these will help the students to generate a wealth of conversation or, what other might call rich and meaningful conversation.

When there is a lesson, you have to do your lesson but it is also nice to know you have a place where the point is just to talk and to know that the language is not so much an innocuous tool for mankind but its master, controlling what is possible in deed and action.

Finally, the students will be able to see and express themselves in the language by keeping an open mind.


Conditions and Participation

A student is eligible to be a member of the club, if she:

  • never gets detentions or demerits  for not doing her French homework.
  • is in good standing with the school in terms of behaviour.
  • is willing to show an interest in the club.
  • is willing to learn the language.
  • is willing to encourage others to help the club grow.



  • All Convent High School rules apply for the club.
  • There will be no chewing, eating nor drinking at meetings.
  • Respect each other.
  • All members must attend meeting in school uniform or club shirt.
  • All members must participate in meetings.
  • Students must inform an executive member if the student will be absent for a meeting.
  • After Three absences without an excuse, membership will be considered as discontinued.


Day and Time

The club meetings and most activities will be held at the Convent High School during regular school day(s) on Tuesdays and Thursdays  from 3:00-4:00 PM



The club will be governed by a committee of five(5) members under the supervision of the French Department.


Committee members and Functions


French Club Executive Members 2018-2019


Rayana Henderson

  • Plans, organizes and carries out responsibilities associated with the club.
  • Establish a climate of enthusiasm, openness and concern. Follow up, congratulate and listen.
  • Make certain that each club and board meeting is well planned and organized, flows smoothly, ends on time and that each member has fun and fellowship.


Vice President

Femi Vital

  • Presides at meetings in the absence of the president.
  • Coordinates programs with president and the executive committee.
  • Provides information on forthcoming events to the Secretary for inclusion in meeting notices.



Josie Polydore

  • Maintain all of the records, files and details that are important for the smooth operation of the  Club.
  • Be prompt, neat, organized and efficient.
  • Minutes of all regular club meetings and board meetings.
  • Record the following about each regular Club meeting:
  • Number of members present
  • Names of those absent
  • List of guests attending
  • Speaker and subject
  • Committee reports, written and oral
  • Announcements
  • Any motions or decisions acted upon by the membership



Kyra Edwards

  • Collect all monies from club projects.
  • Control the club’s money, its collection and disbursement.
  • Record all expenditures and income.
  • Deposit club funds.


Public Relation Officer

Daislyn James

  • liaising with colleagues and key spokespeople.
  • preparing and supervising the production of publicity brochures, handouts, school’s website -mails, promotional videos,
  • photographs, films and multimedia programmes etc...
  • sourcing and managing speaking and sponsorship opportunities.
  • maintaining and updating information on the school website.

Previous Officials


President - Dakota St. Agathe

Vice-President - Grace Etienne

Secretary - Shaniah Edwards

Treasurer - Jody Peltier

P. R. O - Amy Augustine

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