Environmental Club



Ms Audris Jno-Baptiste

Mission Statement

Portray a culture of cleanliness and beautification to students of the Convent High School as well as the community, also to realize that our natural resources are of great importance to our lives and create a society where sustainable use of natural resources is fundamental.

Our main objective is to help the students to acquire a set of values and feelings of concern for the environment and motivation and commitment to participate in environmental maintenance and improvement.  We seek to sensitize our students with regards to environmental problems which we are faced with ever so often, pollution being one of the most prominent.


The appointment of Environmental Officers began over a decade ago. The class of 5-D broadened this venture in the school academic year 2010 – 1011, known as the Green Movement. Furthermore, the CHS Environmental Club officially launched its endeavour on Friday January 27, 2012 which will also be observed as Convent High School’s annual Green Day.
In this endeavour, the Convent High School Environmental Club seeks to encourage students to play an active role in keeping the school environment clean and to acquire an awareness and sensitivity to the environment and its problems.
The group collaborates with other organizations in clean-up campaigns and beautification projects around Dominica.

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