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Sixteen students currently make up what is known today as The CHS Communications Club. Started in 2005 by Miss Kewoba Carter, the club was then known as the Debate Team. Upon her departure, the group suffered a temporary hiatus during the academic year 2007-2008. Thankfully however, the group re-emerged as the new Communications Club and spearheaded by Miss Kimone Joseph. The group was re-established to allow students of the school the opportunity to embark on a journey of personal growth and development through public speaking, researching and writing.  In 2010 Miss Kimone Joseph left for further studies leaving Miss Sherri Jeffrey to take over as adviser, a role she has performed to date. Miss Stephanie Alexander also acts as assistant adviser. Even more recently, the Writers’ Club, under their mentor, Mrs. Daria Sorhaindo,  joined forces with the Communications Club which now extends its portfolio to maintaining the news items and creative writing on the CHS website.

Club members are nominated from second (2nd) to fourth (4th) form by the staff of the English Department who have carefully observed the writing, reading and presentation skills of these students. Once students have been nominated by the staff, they receive a nomination letter which is signed by their parents or legal guardians and returned to the Club's Adviser.

Membership in the Communications Club will afford students the opportunity to not only be actively involved in extra- curricular activities, but will also allow for experience in preparing and delivering written and oral presentations. Members of the Communications Club are expected to be dedicated to the club, attend all meetings, attend and be enthusiastic about club activities, including debate and essay competitions and be a role model for their peers.

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